Following major refurbishment and restoration of a Victorian Terraced by the London Canals of Little Venice, the new design meets the classic interiors with plain yet bold spaces and a variety of materials. The distribution of the house over two levels allowed for the public entertainment areas at ground level to be separate from the private living areas downstairs. The main entrance is found at the front of the house: once inside and heading off the hall, are the service areas and auxiliary spaces. The double lounge and dining area face south, and overlook onto the large chestnut trees in the private garden at rear. The large kitchen is a continuation of the dining yet partially separated from the rest by a counter. The study/library is perfectly isolated by means of solid walls and an additional internal foyer. All bedrooms are completed with dressing rooms and bathrooms, and open to the private gardens or a secluded patio. The connection between the two levels is resolved by a new metal staircase accompanied by a series of hollows in walls and ceiling that allow light to flow through. The ground floor is differentiated from the private areas by its dark tones and subtle lighting, while metals, stone, granite and timber reclaimed a sense of bold elegance.


An unfinished bronze thin wall in the entrance tunnel seems to absorb the light of the foyer while cutting through the floor down to the garden levels.