No. 8 Dover street is Aston Martin first brand experience boutique. The shop is located opposite the Arts Club, in the heart of Mayfair London. The main goal was for the space to be able to represent the Aston Martin ‘Art of Living’, showing many of the artisans products created by AM brand partners, as well as hosting design masterclasses linked with the tradition of the brand manufacturing history. The multifunctional store would also house dinner series, talk and events. The shop front presents is decorated with a glossy black finish, creating a convenient contract with the light texture of the wood which formed the opening to street. The entry is strongly recessed from the side walk line, while a very large window is secured by a thick European Oak frame. The extra wide opening is meant for offering a bold glimpse to the interiors as well as the adeguate opening to allow the Aston Martin cars to access the shop. The timber bespoke floor has designed and handmade with perfect geometric patterns as the ratio of the Fibonacci Spiral (geometric representation of a mathematical formula), while the ceiling has a sequence of recessed star lights which follow the exact perimeter of the floor pattern.