This project consisted in the restoration and refurbishment of a Grade I house in London Marylebone with the purpose of serving as a consolation, therapy and lounge a monastic building from the late XIX century has been recovered and restored to house 11 bedrooms for guests, nuns quarter, a library, a church and refectory for communal meals. The building and its annexes compound the principles of the Order who deliberately combine monastic community life with pastoral service, building communities both within and outside the convent.
Orderly monastic architecture is enriched by unique yet understated antiques sourced within the region. Each room is different however they all retain profuse simplicity and composure.
Many have distinctive intense colours which creates a cocoon effect against the light coming from the generous windows and the view of the rich forest surrounding the complex. All fittings were designed for this project, and mainly handmade by local artisans.